動画=YouTube:Pep Guardiola’s Build-up Play | Man City Tactics

One very interesting part about Man City’s build-up play this season has been the involvement of their GK in the build-up

During the build-up phase, the GK steps out of his defensive line to make a diamond with his CBs and the defensive midfielder
This diamond helps Man City to get numerical advantage against the opposition pressing
Having the numerical advantage means that each player will have multiple passing lanes to play the pass

Bravo steps out of his line to create a diamond with his CBs and the defensive midfielder. That has given Man City the numbers advantage and City can easily build with [4v3] with multiple passing lanes
Firmino who normally covers the opposition defensive midfielder was now forced to press Bravo who had stepped out and that left Rodri totally free who now has so much space and time to turn and start City’s attack
This time Ederson steps out to create that same diamond and help Man City get the numbers advantage during the build-up phase
The front two are trying to cover the City CBs and that leaves the central passing lane once again totally open for Ederson to pick Rodri
Rodri knows he is being pressed, so he scans his surroundings before receiving the ball and plays a one-touch pass to Walker who is ready to receive the ball

And this brings us to Rodrigo who is very vital for Man City’s build-up as he connects their defense with their front line

Rodrigo on average plays(69) passes per game at a passing accuracy of (94%)
He has been averaging the most number of passes for Man City which means he gets to touch the ball

Jorginho used to perform a similar role for Chelsea last season and it was Mauricio Pochettino who first came up with the plan of man-marking Jorginho
He man-marked Jorginho with Dele Alli and Tottenham totally destroyed Chelsea and later on, many other managers tried to use the same tactic against Chelsea
Mauricio Pochettino tries to use the same man-making approach against Man City as he tried to man-mark Rodrigo with Lamela
But this is where Pep Guardiola’s intelligence comes into play and he once again showed why he is one of the best in the world


Lamela is marking Rodrigo so Zinchenko drops in the midfield to create [2v1] against Lamela
Lamela is doing his job of marking Rodrigo but Man City were still easily able to build their play through Zinchenko who started dropping in the midfield to fill Rodrigo’s position
Lamela is once again marking Rodri and Zinchenko again drops in the midfield. Zinchenko drops in the midfield and pulls Eriksen in the midfield and that leaves the wide passing lane totally open for Laporte to pick Sterling directly

So even if you try to man-mark Rodrigo, Man City still have other options to build their play ONE TOUCH PASSING
Another technique that Man City often use during their build -up phase is ‘One-touch’ passing especially if the opponents try to press them

Aggressive high press from Liverpool deep in Man City’s half and De Bruyne drops behind the first line of pressure to receive the pass and then quick one-touch pass to Walker to start Man City’s attack
Liverpool’s front and midfield lines are taken out and Man City now have the numbers advantage to start the attack

Man City are one of the best in Europe when it comes to the build-up play
Pep Guardiola is almost always able to find the right answers no matter whatever the opposition tries to do.
And most importantly, Man City’s build-up play is not based around one particular player. They are able to build their play through the involvement of their GKs/FBs/CBs and attacking midfielders who often drop deep to help in the build-up


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